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(24 Apr 2012)

"one of the most
satisfying tabletop
collections was
also the most..."
(Jul 2012)

SoftCooking Chef Pan


(Oct 2012)


ELLE Decoration
(Jul 2012)

“La linea SoftCooking, che comprende pentole e casseruole, Ť líunica ad essere prodotta in ceramica”
(Jul 2012)

Les Echos
(8 Jun 2012)

“La nuova avventura di Sowden”
(7 Jun 2012)

“Tea set by George Sowden”
(Jun 2012)

Home Magazine
(May 2012)

“porcelain coffee and teapots with innovative...”
(21 May 2012)

“Coffee brewing goes back to basics: SOWDEN SOFTBREW”
(May 2012)

“There was a small (almost undercover) show this year at the Salone...”
(May 2012)

“There is something to be said about simplicity and tradition”
(4 May 2012)

“Sowdenís practical and understated design is perfect”
(20 Apr 2012)

“5 Reasons Why My iPad is Like My Coffee Pot”
(4 Apr 2012)

“A whole new way to brew a delicious coffee”
(30 Mar 2012)

Möbel kultur
(Mar 2012)

“una collezione che dietro alla piacevolezza del design nasconde molto pensiero”
(29 Mar 2012)

“How to: Kaffee zu bereiten in der Sowden SoftBrew”


(Jan 2012)

“The Sowden SoftBrew is an infusion method for making coffee”
(Oct 2011)

Global Coffee Review
(Sep/Oct 2011)

“here is our brandnew alternative”

“The porcelain is of very high quality”
(15 May 2011)

“Thank you, George Sowden, for infusing pure design and bringing back simplicity to the ritual of brewing coffee”
(23 Nov 2010)

“Coffee Comanion Video Review”
Coffee Kevin

(20 Nov 2010)

“SoftBrew, a new way to brew”

(10 Oct 2010)

“Sowden SoftBrew koffiezetter voor filterkoffie”

(7 Oct 2010)

“SoftBrew: One Designer's Coffee Obsession” Core 77
(4 Oct 2010)

“A Designer Who Respects Objects, Even Coffee…” New York Times
(30 Sept 2010)

“Sowden SoftBrew: A Brewer Disguised As A Teapot” Coffee Kevin
(28 Jun 2010)